7 lug 2009

Zolo Agona Azania 

Wrongfully Convicted on Death Row in Indiana 

On August 11, 1981  I was illegally arrested by political police and accused of killing a police officer during a bank robbery.  False evidence was invented and used as a ruse against me,  calculated to provide a wrongful conviction and death sentence, cloaked with improper acts with the prosecutorial machinery and resources to give it the appearance of propriety.   I was convicted in 1982 on admitted perjured testimony and tainted evidence, and then sentenced to the penalty of death !

After years of contesting the bogus charge,  the death sentence was reversed (overturned) by the Indiana Supreme Court in 1993.  But after a second trial on the sentence only, it was put on me again in 1996.  Giving up was not an option; so the struggle for liberation continues !

I am holding my head up with much dignity and self-respect. I have a positive, constructive outlook on life.  I do not believe that lies are more stronger than truth.  I am seeking to garner pledges of concrete support from as many people as possible, and to let people know who I am.   For without the essential moral and material support from concerned people, like you on the outside of prison, one has a tendency to become isolated and alienated in here, like a scuba diver cut off from fresh oxygen twenty-thousand leagues beneath the sea.  Isolation is used as a means of total control, to imbue your mind with the feeling of being alone and helpless.

Both all-white Jury trials were rigged and corrupt evidence was falsified against me, in gross violation of my human rights.  Even though they've been caught lying; they'll merely fabricate more lies to cover up for being found out.  Through all the fire of persecution and hatred I remained undaunted.

The evidentiary hearings on the merits of my successive petition for post-conviction relief, that New Afrikan people were systematically excluded from the Allen County Jury pool and that the prosecution knowingly put on false testimony against me, is set for March 13, 14. and 15th 2001.  My defense team and I have three (3) days to present my case for a new trial.

The news media needs to know about the hearings and the numerous letters and petitions that people are writing to the court judge on my behalf.   By going public will break the suffocating isolation that the status quo systems' operators are trying to conduct the hearings on my case.

Zolo Agona Azania


Indiana State Prison

PO Box 41 

Michigan City Indiana


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