13 ott 2009

A lonely security guard can't even get a decent blind date, so he begins peeping at women through their bedroom windows. Before long he's paying call girls to come over and secretly videotaping every session. Within two weeks he's blown his life savings and been subjected to a lot of verbal and physical abuse.

$19.95 for VHS or DVD-R


Haggling with a hitch-hiking hooker! Adults only - please.

Listen to one of the sexy call girls taunt Marcus as she strips in front of him! Adults only - please.

Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend Comic Book

Based on the homonimus cult film hit. This is the comic book adaptation from Draculina Publications.

Is available for only $2.95 postpaid from:

Scorched Earth Productions, P.O. Box 101083 - Denver, CO 80250 U.S.A.

(adults only please.)

order HERE

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