8 nov 2010

Tex Watson Letter

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson was a former Member of Charles Manson "Family", considered Charles Manson's right hand man. He was convicted of the murders of eight people.

words and pictures are taken from scabboy
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"Not sure why I am showing this, but I got this today. It’s the third time we have swapped correspondence. He really doesn’t talk about much except for religion and Jesus.

I asked him how did he go from one extreme (a murderer who claimed to be brainwashed) to an uber Christian (who is obviously brainwashed) and he thought it was funny. He replied with a biblical verse. I wasn’t trying to be an ass, and thankfully he did not take it that way. He just tells me that I need to find God, and how to do it."

(via: scabboy)

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