2 lug 2011

Ottis Toole's artworks


Ottis Elwood Toole was born March 5th 1947

and died September 15th 1996 of liver failure.

He was dressed up as a girl by his mother until 6 years old, then he was abandoned by his parents. After the abandonment, he was raised by his grandma who was a satanic nut case who would do satanic rituals with him, and for this he was later named "Devil's Child".

Ottis Toole was known for rape and cannibalism. Only convicted for 3 murder, counts and confessed to 4 other before his death, he was still a suspect for a lot other unsolved killings (he did his 1st murder when he was 14).

He met Henry Lee Lucas (another notorious serial killer) in a soup kitchen in Jacksonville, Florida. They became lovers and claimed to have killed 100s of people together. When Otis was arrested he ratted out Henry, to get better jail conditions.

Ottis Tool finally went to jail in April 1984 and was sentenced to death. In prison Otis shared a cell with another popular Serial Killer Ted Bundy.

Drawing Artwork "King" Eric Presley (valued: 350.00 USD)

Original ink drawing, this is signed in full Ottis Toole and dated 1/15/1993. (valued: 600.00 USD)

Original ink drawing on 8.5 x 11 white paper. This is signed in full Ottis Toole and dated 11/16/1991. This piece was done in prison and portrays the evil Ottis Toole. ( valued: 239.99 USD )

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