24 mag 2012

James Dennis and
"The Sensations"

Jimmy Dennis was the lead singer of local Philadelphia Band "Sensation" at the time of his arrest and conviction for the murder of Chedelle Williams. He was sentenced to death row in 1992. This is his playlist from Pennsylvania State Prison, PA.

Jimmy Dennis with recording artists Full Force & Jewel-T 1989
      Everything by Public Enemy
Def Squad - Countdown ft. Jamal
LL Cool J - Father
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man
Boys II Men - I'm doing just fine
Bobby Brown - Every little step
2 Pac - So many tears
Erykah Badu - Call Tyrone
Curtis Mayfield - The Making of you
        Jay Z - Hard Knock Life
        Kool G Rap - Foul Cats

If you would like to contact James Dennis, write him directly at: 

Jimmy A. Dennis  BY 7796 
175 Progress Drive. 
Waynesburg,  Pennsylvania 
15370-8090    U.S.A.

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